Behrooz Moosavi & MMaria

Behrooz Moosavi and MMaria audio/visual Duo’s auditory and visual landscape, tries to react to the sensory, imagery and auditory perception of a world in collapse, in which they find themselves as observers forced to watch it as it’s being decomposed, dissolved and disintegrated. The collaboration is a project to translate common experiences and the opposite language of the two into a chaotic and distorted common expression. They concentrate on an atmosphere that does not develop in dependence, but in relation to each other. The works are never completely finished and are subject to constant change – socio-politically and culturally.

Working with a range of analogue and digital synthesizers to produce his music, Moosavi incorporates loops made out of old reel to reel cassette tapes, along with field recordings and digital and analogue audio manipulation.

Having a background in analogue black and white photography, Janna Heiss creates a set of melancholic, narrative and poetic visual, as well politically themed, rebellish and left field imagery to accompany the music.

Their audio/visual set tends to be a political, sometimes poetic and cinematic journey.

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Tehran Contemporary Sounds

Since he relocated to Germany in 2015, Moosavi has been active as a curator, concept writer, booking agent, organizer and director of many events in Germany and specifically Berlin.
Having curated and produced many concerts, club nights and events with different organizations and collectives, he founded Tehran Contemporary sound in 2018 as a hub for the promotion and curation of the Iranian contemporary musicians in and outside of Iran, through which he curated and directed three interdisciplinary festivals inviting a number of more than 70 Iranian and non-Iranian artists and musicians from across the globe, during a 3 days festival in 2018 and a three days festival in 2019 and 2021 in Berlin.

Moosavi continues developing Tehran Contemporary sounds by curating more events in the future, inviting a wide spectrum of Iranian musicians to Berlin and through launching the TCS record label, publishing the music of the Iranian contemporary experimental music scene.

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The electro/punk rock band project Langtunes was formed in 2009 by the producer/performer duo Behrooz Moosavi and Kamyar Keramati in the underground scene of Tehran.
The band was active between the years 2009 and 2017 during which they released a number of self-published EPs in the underground scene of Tehran, and an LP album (Teherantor) through German Parvenue records in 2014.

Joined by two other musicians, Sam Eyvaz and Garen Abnous, the band have toured and played concerts widely across Europe between the years 2011 and 2017 with more than a hundred festival and club performances, making them one of the first internationally successful touring bands from Iran.

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Behrooz Moosavi

Establishing his sound and style in Berlin since 2016 under the artist name “Behrooz Moosavi”, Moosavi has been actively publishing music as an electronic music producer and DJ.

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Music for TV and Advertising Production

Between the years 2011 and 2014 Moosavi has produced music for more than a 200 TV production and advertisements as the music producer of Kanoon Iran Novin advertising agency in Iran.