Born in 1986 in Tehran, Behrooz Moosavi is a musician, producer, DJ, songwriter, performer, concept designer, curator and video and projection mapping expert. Starting his career in 2006, he collaborated with many artists and musicians in Tehran’s music and art scene, taking part in different music, film and video projects.

He has co-founded, produced, managed and performed in the music project Langtunes between the years 2009 and 2017 as one of the first touring bands from Iran performing in more than a 100 music festivals and venues around Europe.

In 2015, after playing 5 successful European tours and releasing an album with Langtunes in Germany, he relocated to Berlin, where he is establishing his career further.

As a curator throughout the years, he has been organizing/co-organizing, writing concepts, producing, curating, booking and managing many successful events, shows and concerts in Iran, Turkey, and Central Europe in collaboration with different collectives, bands, promoters, organizers and festivals.

As a music producer he has composed and produced music for more than 200 TV commercials and short films, and has released a number of Albums, EPs and single tracks under his name Behrooz Moosavi. He is actively producing and performing music in different formats in collaboration with different artists in concert venues and festivals around Europe.

Moosavi is the curator, director and initiator of “Tehran Contemporary Sounds” arts and music collective, festival, and music label in Berlin through which he has so far organized multiple events and four festivals in Berlin since 2018. “Gate of Tehran – Days of Experimental Sounds” and “Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival” 2019, 2021 and 2022 were each a three days interdisciplinary music and art festival happening in Berlin with more than 100 Iranian artists participating from Iran, Germany and other European countries.

Moosavi is a video and projection mapping expert at MXWendler company in Berlin collaborating and working with the company since 2017 on multiple projects as video technician, operator, tutor and expert.
Projects such as Genius Loci Weimar 2019 and 2021, multiple projects at Alte Münze Berlin, and many more.